Site Decommission – Turnkey

Site Decommission – Turnkey

Project Information

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Cloverdale Site Building, Surrey, BC, Canada

April 2008 to March 2009

Project Description

Project Initiative

Public Works and Government Services of Canada (PWGSC) were responsible to decommission a former Industry Canada communications building.


RJ & Associates was contracted to provide total project management services for this Turnkey project. The initial phase of the project saw RJ & Associates complete a due diligence survey investigations for the presence of hazardous materials within the subject building. The findings and results from these investigations were utilized in preparing the abatement specification, as well as the demolition specification that was included within the final specification package developed for (PWGSC) on this project. RJ & Associates managed all aspects of the abatement of friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials, mercury-containing temperature thermostats and switches, mould contamination, PCB-containing ballasts, ODS-containing refrigerants, lead-containing paint, and miscellaneous stored chemical waste. RJ & Associates conducted overall project management related services that included, site monitoring for compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations, ambient, occupational and final clearance air sampling, pre-contamination inspections, final visual inspections, and tear-out inspections, and tracking of waste disposal. Following the completion of all required abatement work, RJ & Associates provided oversight of the demolition phase to ensure permitting, licenses, and health and safety components were completed and in compliance.

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