Fujitec Elevators – Exposure Control Plan & Risk Assessments

Project Information

Fujitec Elevators

Vancouver, BC, Canada

October 2008 to Present

Project Description

Project Initiative

Elevator maintenance workers often encounter asbestos containing materials in older elevator components. To be proactive in the health and safety of its work crew, Fujitec retained R.J. & Associates to develop a safeguarding policy regarding asbestos exposure for their worksites.


RJ & Associates conducted Risk Assessment for routine elevator maintenance and installation procedures that involve working with or around asbestos components. Based on the risk assessment, R.J. & Associates prepared an Exposure Control Plan and associated Safe Work Procedures.

R.J. & Associates provided Asbestos Awareness Training for Fujitec Workers coving such topics as: asbestos history, common uses, health hazards, and emergency response procedures in case of accidental disturbance.

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