Based on our extensive experience and best practices, we have also developed interrelated field execution procedures, training and education programs, and assessment processes that form a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management system applicable to all projects.

We provide full-spectrum EHS services:

  • Prepare Health & Safety documents including Exposure Control Plans, Safe Work Procedures, Emergency Response Plans and Contingency Plans etc.
  • Develop a company-specific Occupational Health & Safety plan including training programs and materials
  • Monitor job sites for noise, chemical and radiation exposures.
  • Manage third-party contractor compliance programs including ISN, Complyworks and Contractor Checks.
  • Conduct Formal Audits in preparation for COR audit.
  • Abatement Contractors and Hazardous Materials Consultants Mentorship program
  • Scrutinizing all accessible and inaccessible areas for the presence of hazardous materials,
  • Collecting bulk samples for analysis,
  • Having the bulk samples analyzed by third-party accredited laboratories and,
  • Providing a report detailing findings and recommendations.

All reports include photos, risk assessments, sample location drawings, and lab reports.

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Contractor Compliance and Auditor Services