Level 3 – Asbestos Safety Leader (Register Now)


Course Name: Level 3 Asbestos Safety Leader Training

Location: Suite 407, 604 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC

Duration: 1 day (08:30 – 16:30)

Cost: $650 plus GST

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Mandatory Prerequisite: WorkSafeBC Level 2 (Asbestos Safety) Certification

Course Overview:

This course is designed for supervisors and others involved in the management of asbestos abatement worksites and workers. A supervisor is responsible for providing direction, and ensuring the abatement work is safely completed, while under pressure to meet all schedule deadlines with limited resources.

This one-day training covers Level 3 (Asbestos Safety Leader) core competencies as set out by WorkSafeBC.

This course provides the attendee with the ability to: plan, supervise and oversee asbestos abatement worksites while safeguarding personal and public exposure. Successful completion of this course will allow participants to write the final written exam for the opportunity to obtain Level 3 Asbestos Safety Leader Certification from WorkSafeBC.

Major Topics discussed:

  • Current provincial and federal regulations.
  • Role and Responsibilities of a Supervisor.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Management and Communication with the work crew.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping.
  • PPE & Respirators and Fit Test Requirements.
  • Exposure Limits and Action Levels.
  • Worksite Preparation and Enclosure Inspections.
  • Air Monitoring Requirements and Interpretation.

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August 20, 2024