Marble Arch Hotel Seismic Upgrade

Marble Arch Hotel Seismic Upgrade

Project Information

BC Housing Management and Commission

Marble Arch Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 2008 to April 2009

Project Description

Project Initiative

BC Housing Management and Commission designed a project for the Marble Arch Hotel with the intention to bring the building back to acceptable living conditions. The construction project is designed to meet current seismic safety standards as well as electrical, fire, and plumbing provincial codes.


RJ & Associates was involved in many construction phases throughout the duration of the project. Prior to the scheduling and development of the project plan, RJ & Associates completed a due diligence survey investigation for the presence of hazardous materials within the subject building. The findings and results from this investigation were utilized in preparing the abatement specification that was to be included within the complete specification package adhered to by the site prime contractor for this project. RJ & Associates provided onsite management to ensure strict adherence to the project scope of work and WorkSafeBC regulations. Throughout each abatement phase of the project, RJ & Associates collected ambient, occupational, and post-abatement air samples to provide analytical information on containment effectiveness, respiratory protection, and quality of abatement work. In addition, inspections were conducted by RJ & Associates before, during, and after asbestos abatement work was performed. At the completion of each project phase, RJ & Associates provided written final clearance to support the successful completion of the project scope of work.

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